Monday, June 16, 2008

You Did What?

Being my stubborn self, on the rare occasion I'll deny S any baked treats. Not because he's in trouble (though sometimes that's the case), but because frankly I can't be bothered! His favourite and most requested cake is a Madeira cake- which doesn't really tickle my fancy. Now if he was requesting any form of chocolate cake, I'm sure he'd get one every time.

Getting to the point, he'd asked for one and I was not in the mood. I was surprised when he announced that he didn't need me and that he was going to make it himself! S is a great cook but doesn't dabble in baking... ever. Unfortunately for him, reverse psychology (thinking I'd get territorial) didn't work and he actually went through with it.

After the cakes success he announced to me "I don't need to worry if you ever leave me because now I know I can make the cake myself"! Obviously he doesn't recall all the other goodies I make for him.

The proof....


Barbara said...

I've seen references to "Madeira cake" on several blogs from Australia. I'd love to know what it is! It doesn't seem to be a well-known cake here in Wisconsin, USA.

Yours looks mighty tasty!

B said...

Hi barbara :) My Madeira cake is lemon flavoured, but I have seen vanilla pound cakes referred to as Madeira too.. I found this on Wikipedia But that doesn't sound anything like mine! I hadn't heard of it until I bought Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess.